Dinosaurs of Eden

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Our culture is saturated with the idea that dinosaurs lived “millions of years ago”. We find it in children’s books, school curricula, and the movies. We hear it on the radio. We see it on television and the internet. In academia, the prevailing view is that dinosaurs ruled the earth long before man arrived on the scene.

However, a growing number of scientists are questioning this idea. For example, the scientific community has been rocked in recent years by the discovery of dinosaur “soft-tissue fossils”, indicating that dinosaurs may have been alive more recently than commonly thought. Well over forty dinosaur soft-tissue fossils have been found to date. Here are just a few examples:

History also is replete with dragon legends from all over the world, and there are many ancient artifacts, sculptures, carvings and drawings which clearly depict dinosaur-like creatures. Here are a few examples:

Artwork by Steve Müller.

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